BREAKING: Grandmother Attacked By BLM Rioters In Portland

Two White Elderly Women Attempted To Stop The Violence Outside A Portland Police Precinct Last Night. Rioters Covered One Of The Women In Paint, The Other Attempted To Put Out Their Fires With An Extinguisher

“This isn’t your world anymore,” rioters screamed at the elderly woman they had just dumped paint all over. She was standing outside a Portland Police precinct attempting to dissuade the violent savages from destroying the building when the incident occurred. A black man is seen covering the woman in police tape but it is unclear whether he is the one who splashed paint all over her face.

In another scene (below) a white woman can be seen smearing the paint further into the woman’s clothing. Now, imagine this was your grandmother. All she wants is for order to be restored in the streets of her city so that she may go back to her knitting and home shopping programs.

The Portland Police Department Is Aware Of The Incident:

“This unknown woman using a walker was confronted by the group currently outside East Precinct and paint was strewn all over her,” the police department tweeted.

Some more footage in the aftermath of the assault:

Another Elderly Woman, This One A Supporter Of Black Lives Matter, Desperately Pleaded With Rioters To Stop Their Course Of Destruction:

Another elderly woman present at the riot was begging the participants to stop their violent outbursts. Holding a Black Lives Matter sign, the woman can be seen trying to persuade a young white woman from banging on the doors of the precinct.

She Even Attempted To Put Out The Fires They Were Starting:

The woman is seen in another scene attempting to put out a barrel fire that had been set by rioters next to the precinct. She may disagree with this publication’s take on the protest, but we support her right to protest peacefully and view this act as heroic.