BREAKING: Hannity Confirms Fears – Fox Fans In Shock

(foxnews) – A Failed Texas lawsuit aiming to prevent Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin’s electors from casting their electoral votes is “gaining momentum,” Sean Hannity told viewers Thursday.

Earlier in the day, the attorneys general of Missouri, Arkansas, Utah, Louisiana, Mississippi and South Carolina filed to officially join the state of Texas as a party to the case. The Trump campaign filed a similar motion earlier Wednesday.

“These six attorneys general are not going to waste their valuable time, their limited resources to sue other states without a legitimate cause and case,” the “Hannity” host insisted.

Hannity then noted a pair of polls which found that more than three-quarters of Republicans believe the election result was impacted by “widespread voter fraud.”

“We are not dumb. We’re not blind. We can see the entire thing stinks to high heaven …” the host said. “We know that very specific election laws … were totally and completely and utterly ignored [in] Georgia, Pennsylvania, many other battleground states. [They] just decided to change things on their own … Other laws [were] changed in the middle of the game, all of which are unconstitutional without any state legislative approval, which is required by, yes, that document known as the Constitution.”

Hannity then called on state legislatures to “get your houses in order, especially … in Georgia.

“We’ve got these two key Senate runoffs,” he warned. “You cannot — Georgia, please do not take your eye off this ball. I stand with you. You have a dopey governor and a dopey secretary of state. That’s not important. You support President Trump, the balance of power in the Senate and all that he and you have worked to accomplish. The last four years may be hanging in the balance. Your vote matters.”

Turning back to the Texas lawsuit, Hannity admitted to viewers that the legal fight is “an uphill battle.”

“But this lawsuit is real. It’s the real deal,” he said. “It’s right on the law, it’s right on the Constitution. It deserves to be heard, and they offered plenty of remedy and opportunities for the states to do their constitutional duty, follow the law and get this right.”