BREAKING: HUGE Slip with New Epstein Documents Stuns The Nation – You Can See EVERYTHING!

OMG! The documents released last night by the DOJ were presented in a format that can be unredacted by copying to Notes.
It’s being reported that you can uncover the content behind the redactions, in at least one file released yesterday, related to the Epstein case:

This appears to be the case as of last night – however, due to incredibly high demand, trying to access the file can time you out:

Please let us know if you have a chance to do this and feel free to share any shocking unraveled redactions. We know the FBI in the past was redacting items, to protect the FBI, and we assume this is still the case.

Update: samples of unsealed notes, via Techno Fog – click on the tweet time-line and you will see way more; please note that Comey was FBI director in 2014: