BREAKING: Hunter Biden Caught Again During Interview – Joe Furious

(bigleaguepolitics) – A preview of a Hunter Biden interview slated for Sunday features the President’s son lying about his infamous “laptop from hell,” accusing a Delaware computer store owner of stealing the device. The younger Biden also accuses the Russian military of hacking the device in a fanciful excuse, ignoring statements from the FBI and DOJ indicating that his laptop scandal wasn’t the result of a hack.

John Paul Mac Isaac, the owner of the Mac Shop in Wilmington, has stated that he’s “100% sure” that the person featured in content obtained from the laptop is the same person who dropped it off at his store. Biden never picked up the laptop, therefore surrendering the device to Isaac in accordance with the terms of his repair agreement. Isaac has produced documentation naming the younger Biden as the client with his signature for the repairs, with one device featuring a sticker for Beau Biden’s foundation.

Content on the device revealed new details regarding Hunter’s corrupt foreign business dealings and drug use. Emails suggested that Hunter had sought to introduce executives of Burisma to Joe Biden, conflicting with claims from then-candidate Biden that he had never met any personnel of the corrupt oligarch-owned oil company Hunter was working with.

The device is Hunter Biden’s- beyond a shadow of a doubt. And it wasn’t “stolen.” Hunter continues to lie, demonstrating low levels of integrity as he accuses Joe Biden’s political opponents of waging a smear campaign. In reality, the troubled younger Biden has done exactly that against a citizen whistleblower and computer repairman, touting baseless lies. Biden’s full interview airs Sunday morning.