BREAKING: Hunter Biden’s Chinese Secret EXPLODES – Evidence Overwhelming…

(breitbart) – Hunter Biden profited $4.8 million in retainer and consulting fees from a Chinese energy company though 2017 and 2018, the Washington Post admitted on Tuesday.

After ignoring the story for 532 days after it broke in 2020, the Post finally acknowledged Joe Biden’s son performed business transactions with CEFC China Energy for millions of dollars. Hunter’s windfall follows years of rubbing shoulders with powerful international companies and individuals while Joe Biden was chair of the Foreign Relations Committee and vice president.

In the process of reporting Hunter’s corrupt business dealings, the paper also confirmed Hunter’s previously reported “fake” laptop was indeed Hunter’s “laptop from hell” — the same laptop the establishment media falsely reported as “Russian disinformation” over and over again. In fact, 15 establishment media personalities claimed Hunter’s laptop emails were likely Russian propaganda. Perhaps most famously, CBS News reporter Lesley Stahl falsely told President Trump in 2020 that Hunter’s “laptop from hell” could not be verified.

According to the Post’s belated authentication, Hunter secured millions of dollars in just 14 months:

But the new documents — which include a signed copy of a $1 million legal retainer, emails related to the wire transfers, and $3.8 million in consulting fees that are confirmed in new bank records and agreements signed by Hunter Biden — illustrate the ways in which his family profited from relationships built over Joe Biden’s decades in public service.


Over the course of 14 months, the Chinese energy conglomerate and its executives paid $4.8 million to entities controlled by Hunter Biden and his uncle, according to government records, court documents and newly disclosed bank statements, as well as emails contained on a copy of a laptop hard drive that purportedly once belonged to Hunter Biden.

The Post did not find evidence that Joe Biden personally benefited from or knew details about the transactions with CEFC, which took place after he had left the vice presidency and before he announced his intentions to run for the White House in 2020.

The Post’s authentication follows the New York Times authentication two weeks ago.

In contrast, the laptop was authenticated in October of 2020 by the New York Post’s Emma-Jo Morris, who now is Breitbart News’s political editor. Morris authenticated the laptop before the presidential election, when businessman Tony Bobulinski corroborated his participation in a meeting with Hunter and then-Vice President Biden in Washington, DC, to discuss “the Bidens’ family business plans with the Chinese.”

Bobulinski has since confirmed the famous line, “ten held by H for the big guy,” was in reference to a discussed plan for Hunter to hold equity on behalf of his father.

Joe Biden claimed before the election he never spoke with Hunter about Hunter’s business dealings. “I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings,” Joe Biden told the media.

But the Post reported Tuesday that Hunter had office keys made for Joe Biden, “his mother, Jill; his uncle James; and the Chinese executive, Gongwen Dog.” The office was apparently rented to facilitate the nearly $5,000,000 dollar contract he won from the Chinese energy company. Whether Joe Biden knew his son had keys made for him is unknown.

Hunter is allegedly under investigation for tax fraud concerning his foreign dealings. It is unknown if the investigation may implicate the president of the United States.