BREAKING: Joe Biden FAILS Important Test, Prognosis Devastating…

(breitbart) – Very few Americans believe the nation is doing “very well” under President Joe Biden’s leadership, a Sunday CBS News poll revealed.

Only 7 percent of Americans believe the country is doing very well, while 33 percent say the nation is doing very badly.

On the economy, nine percent of Americans say Biden’s national economy is doing very well. Thirty-one percent said it is doing very badly. On whether Biden is doing enough to reduce 40-year-high inflation, only 31 percent say he is, while 69 percent say he is not.

Biden’s approval with independents is also struggling. Only 12 percent of independents strongly approve of the president. Forty-one percent strongly disapprove.

On specific issues, Biden is also struggling with gaining traction among independents. In fact, on no issue did a majority of independents approve of Biden’s management: Economy (30 approve-70 percent disapprove), inflation (26-74 percent), Ukrainian war (41-59 percent), immigration (31-69 percent), and crime (34-66 percent).

Biden’s terrible poll numbers come during an election year. Democrats were hoping to have a popular president to help them retain the House and Senate. But with Biden’s popularity so low, it will be difficult for Democrats to run on Biden’s agenda.

Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee’s (DCCC) Chair Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY) told the Wall Street Journal he has a plan to “fix the problem” to ensure Democrats keep the House. Maloney also acknowledged congressional Democrats have to “outperform the national [Democrat] brand.”

“The question is,” Mr. Maloney continued, “How big does that overperformance have to get?”

But there is more bad news for Democrats heading into the midterms. Deutsche Bank Economists are predicting a recession within the next two years.

“Two shocks in recent months, the war in Ukraine and the build-up of momentum in elevated U.S. and European inflation, have caused us to revise down our forecast for global growth significantly,” they wrote. “We are now projecting a recession in the U.S. and a growth recession in the euro area within the next two years.”

On Tuesday, the Consumer Price Index will be released with reportedly worse inflation news. “Analysts surveyed by FactSet expect the release to show 8.4% inflation over the last year, which would be the highest overall inflation rate since December 1981,” Axios reported. “The rate was 7.9% for the year ended in February.” The increase in inflation will reportedly be seen in increased rents, health insurance, and hotel stays.

The poll sampled 2,062 Americans between April  5-8, 2022, with a + / – 2.8 percent margin of error.