BREAKING: Joe Biden Forms Plan – Georgia’s Voting Laws Are…

(breitbart) – President Joe Biden is planning a dramatic speech on voting rights in Georgia on Tuesday, focusing on the newly passed election integrity laws in the state.

The president is expected to use the issue of voting rights to call for reform of the Senate filibuster rules and condemn Republicans, according to a Politico preview of the speech.

“We are doubling down, kicking it into another gear, we are going right to the belly of the beast, or ground zero, for voter suppression, voter subversion and obstruction,” White House director of the Office of Public Engagement Cedric Richmond told Politico.

The tone of Biden’s speech will be similar to his speech condemning the January 6 protests, and focusing his anger on former President Donald Trump and Republicans.

Biden will condemn the election law reforms passed by Republicans in Georgia, and signed by Gov. Brian Kemp in March, as racist and just one more example of how dangerous former President Trump is for democracy.

The reforms passed in Georgia include voter ID requirements, restrict the number of drop boxes, and block officials from sending absentee ballot applications to all voters.

Democrats raged against the new rules, in a whirlwind of activism that resulted in Major League Baseball canceling the all-star game in Atlanta. The boycott cost the city an estimated $100 million and hurt minority-owned businesses.