BREAKING: Joe Biden Gets CAUGHT – Senate Says He’s Guilty

(dailyconservative) – Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was just caught red-handed. The former vice president can’t believe his bad luck — a high-ranking U.S. senator has declared him ‘guilty’ and this could fundamentally alter the election.

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) won’t let Biden get away with his corruption. During an interview on Fox News, Johnson confirmed that “the vice president has been caught in repeated lies over Biden Inc. about his family’s businesses.”

“Check out page 78 of our report, where we show … a Chinese company, CEFC, transferred about $5 million to businesses controlled by Hunter Biden,” said Johnson, pointing to just one of the transactions Joe Biden is lying about.

In fact, as evidence continues to emerge, it is becoming impossible to ignore that then-Vice President Joe Biden involved much more than he lets on and it may cost him the election. The story simply isn’t going away.

Johnson even pegged Biden on Ukraine, documenting an instance in which he spoke with Amos Hochstein, an energy diplomat in the Obama administration, and subsequently “talked to Hunter to arrange a meeting” with Hochstein.

Johnson’s report is damning and cannot be covered at length here, but all Americans need to read it. This is what happens when you have a 47-year career politician like Biden — corruption, lies, favors, and nepotism.