BREAKING: Joe Biden NAILED – Truth Finally Comes Out

(breitbart) – Rep. Tom McClintock told Breitbart News that President Joe Biden’s call for post-election “unity” rings hollow given the president’s refusal to reject Democrats’ impeachment push against his predecessor.

“If Joe Biden wanted to help himself and help the country, he would tell [Chuck] Schumer to call off the dogs,” McClintock said in an interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Sunday with host Joel Pollak. “We don’t pursue defeated incumbents after they’ve left office.”

McClintock said Biden would “look magnanimous” if he publicly rebuked Democrats for pursuing the impeachment of former President Donald Trump. “It would do a lot to convince half the country that he really is serious about bringing us together,” he added.

McClintock stated, “The fact [Biden] hasn’t done that is a damning indictment of his hypocrisy in calling for unity, yet pursuing policies that are extremely divisive and downright vicious.”

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), among other Democrats and news media outlets, accused Trump of “inciting” riots and violence at the Capitol. Similar figures characterized the events as an “insurrection.”

McClintock maintained, “Remember this, if [what Trump said] is incitement to riot, he can be criminally charged, and tried in a criminal court … and lose his ability to run for office in the future. Why aren’t they pursuing that path? Because they don’t have a leg to stand on. It would be absolutely laughed out of court.”

“What [Trump] did is so far from incitement, it’s ridiculous,” McClinton assessed. “What he actually said — his exact words were, ‘I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.’”

McClintock continued, “If it was incitement, [Democrats] have got ample legal recourse. Take him to court. Charge him with that crime. [It] is a crime to incite a riot. The reason they’re not going to do that is because they don’t have a leg to stand on in court and they know it, so they’re going to go through this political exercise.”

“Impeachment is there specifically to remove the president from office, or any public official. It is not there as a bill of attainder to try to prevent people from running for office in the future,” McClintock stated.

McClintock said Democrats are abusing impeachment to prevent Trump from running for political office again.

“What they’re really saying is, ‘Half the country supports Donald Trump. We’ve got to get him. We’ve got to disgrace him in a matter that he will never be able to run again,’” McClintock held. “How anti-democratic is that?

McClintock described moves to impeach Trump as “unconstitutional.”

McClintock concluded, “[It is] the most petty, vicious, vindictive, gratuitous thing you could possibly imagine [to] impeach a defeated president, who’s already left office, on specious charges. It’s outrageous.”

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