Breaking: Joe Biden Pleads To Establishment Media – This Is SAD

(breitbart) – The establishment media gushed over President Joe Biden’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday after Biden apologized for snapping at a CNN reporter during his solo press conference.

“I owe my last question an apology. I shouldn’t have — I shouldn’t have been such a wise guy with the last answer I gave. Anyway, thanks for being here,” he said in relation to a question offered by a CNN reporter concerning why Biden was confident Putin would change his behavior towards America.

“What the hell?… When did I say I was confident?” Biden snapped.

Back on the air, CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota then praised Biden for communicating clearly with Putin regarding cyber attacks.

“I didn’t know that President Biden would have to spell it explicitly what’s off limits, but he said that’s what he did,” she praised.

CNN later wrote an analysis piece which depicted Biden as a hero for preserving democracy “at home and abroad.”

“The talks also represent a critical early political trial for Biden and exemplify the all-encompassing challenge facing a presidency anchored on a fight to preserve democracy, which is under siege at home and abroad,” the ‘most trusted name in news’ wrote.

NPR described Biden’s solo press conference as if he “bounded onto a stage flanked by large American flags to tell U.S. journalists about his meeting with Putin, taking off his aviator sunglasses as he reached the lectern.”

Politico was not to be outdone, writing that “Putin also deemed Biden a ‘very experienced politician’ and repeatedly characterized their talks as ‘very constructive.’”

The Hill wrote the article entitled, “Biden gets what he wants from Putin summit,” which depicted “The president’s week-long trip to Europe … a marked departure from four years of Trump’s ‘America First’ doctrine,” as “Biden sought at every stop to emphasize the U.S. was back at the table as a leader in global relations, and that the country viewed its commitments to NATO and G-7 allies as critical for the survival of democracy.”

The Los Angeles Times praised Biden for drawing “red lines” in the sand with Putin, who apparently avoided describing just how strongly Biden had drawn them.

“If he drew any red lines with Putin, he was vague in describing them during a 33-minute news conference with U.S. reporters following the talks,” the California publication wrote.

The New York Times wrapped the days events by writing, “The high-stakes diplomatic engagement came at the end of a whirlwind weeklong European tour for Mr. Biden in which he sought to rebuild the traditional alliances that often bolstered the United States’ position during the Cold War.”