BREAKING: Joe Biden Surrenders – He Isn’t Able To…

(dailyconservative) – President Joe Biden isn’t even trying anymore…if he ever was.

If being President of the United States is being a leader of policy and rhetoric to the free press of our nation, Biden has completely surrendered any pretense of being capable and competent.

Fox News has the proof. “After more than 50 days in office, President Biden has yet to hold a solo news conference, separating him from over a dozen of his most recent predecessors,” reports Fox News.

Via Fox News:

Though the president delivered his first prime time address Thursday to speak about the country’s progress in defeating the coronavirus pandemic, the more than seven-week stretch is the longest period a new president has gone without meeting with the press in the last 100 years…

The White House said last week that Biden will hold a news conference before the end of the month, trying to justify his lengthy absence from the podium by saying he regularly takes questions from reporters in informal settings.