BREAKING: Joe Biden’s Airplane Secret Just EXPLODED – Leftists In Shock…

(breitbart) – Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and Frozen star Josh Gad expressed his rage at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) for sending around 50 illegal aliens to the wealthy liberal enclave of Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, calling it an act of cruelty. But the Hollywood star failed to mention President Joe Biden’s (D) secret night flights that have shipped hundreds if not thousands illegals to destinations around the country, including Florida.

Josh Gad accused Gov. DeSantis of behaving like a monster in a tweet late Thursday.

“Is there no end to the cruelty of the GOP? Their games know no limits,” he wrote. “The pure joy of preying on human beings 4 a laugh is beyond any imaginable thing a non-psychotic person would even consider doing. And here we are, w elected leaders like @RonDeSantisFL behaving like monsters.”

Gad failed to mention the more than 70 night flights last year that President Biden arranged to transport illegal aliens from the border to Florida. The DeSantis administration said at the time that the White House refused to provide information on the identities of the illegals and what department was overseeing the flights.

The actor also ignored the fenced enclosures, or “cages,” built by the Obama administration to contain illegal border crossers.

As Breitbart News reported, Gov. DeSantis sent about 50 illegal aliens from Florida to Martha’s Vineyard on Thursday, enraging residents of the wealthy and predominantly left-wing vacation destination spot.