BREAKING: Joe Biden’s Worst Nightmare Comes True – GOP Confirms…

Imagine being so weak that the world discovering what you REALLY stand for is among your worst nightmares.

Well, that is exactly what is happening with the President of the United States of America.

According to Senator Marsha Blackburn, Joe Biden is a socialist. Most of America would agree with her. Biden doesn’t want you to think that, but it’s the truth.

As Marsha puts it:

“They are piling up debt, trillions of dollars of debt, and they are happy to do it to get their way to get these socialist takeover programs on the books — more control of schools, more control of curriculum, control of your checking account where they have realtime access, shutting down small businesses, complete government control of health care, one size fits all. It is this socialist model that they have been after for years. And, of course, climate is their god. They want everything to center on climate change.”

Sounds exactly like the socialism they warned us about in school. It’s just that THEY won’t tell you that.