BREAKING: Kamala Harris BUSTED – Sick Scheme Shocks Nation

(foxnews) – Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell joined “Life, Liberty & Levin” Sunday to discuss how President Biden and Vice President Harris are “destroying this country” by changing the values that made America great.

Terrell told Mark Levin that Biden and Harris are looking to gain “ultimate power” by “moving this country to the extreme left.”  

“Institutionalized racism is to lie to the American people for the sole purpose of power and control, and that power control is an obsession with not only the Democrats, but with the far left,” he added.Video

Terrell’s comments come on the heels of continued unrest in American cities, as death rates continue to surge in communities across the nation.

Terrell went on to say the Democrats “attack” America “day in and day out,” and consistently accuse the nation to be a “systematic, racist country.”

“They want us under their thumbs for the purpose of controlling us and taking away our American values, our American freedoms, our American liberties,” he concluded.