BREAKING: Kamala Harris Takes The Bait – America Is Laughing

(thegatewaypundit) – Biden’s VP pick Kamala Harris got duped by Russian pranksters who offered her ‘secret recording’ of President Trump.

Kamala Harris got duped by notorious Russian pranksters, Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexey Stolyarov.

Recall, these two Russian pranksters have pulled similar stunts on Congresswoman Maxine Waters and Rep. Adam Schiff.

Russian pranksters Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexey Stolyarov, who go by the stage names Vovan and Lexus, trolled the hell out of Kamala Harris and convinced her that Swedish green teen activist Greta Thunberg and her father secretly recorded President Trump.

Kamala Harris is heard on the audio gladly accepting help from the Russian pranksters.

In other words, Kamala Harris agreed to accept dirt on President Trump from foreigners so when will the FBI and intel community open a counter-intel investigation into her?

The January audio was obtained by The Sun and released on Friday.


STAFFER: Svante, I have you here with Senator Kamala Harris



‘GRETA’: Hi Kamala

KAMALA: Hello Greta, congratulations on all of your leadership. I am so inspired by your courage and your voice.

‘GRETA’: Umm, it would be cool to support you in your campaign. What is the best way to do it?

KAMALA: The best way to do it would be to talk about my climate plan.

You know what I can do is, I can ask my policy team to follow up with you with more detail on what exactly would be helpful and what is something you would like to do.

Then we can talk in more detail about how that can work and that would be very helpful, and I thank you for that.

‘GRETA’: We wrote to many politicians, but not many people respond. How sad it is.

‘SVANTE’: Recently, even President Putin said about you…

‘GRETA’: It wasn’t what I wanted.

KAMALA: Well it just highlights the need that we have to be active. There are forces working against our movement and we have to fight for these things. This is that moment, and you have been a great warrior in this cause.

‘GRETA’: I am so terrified of what Trump is doing, I even cannot eat or sleep when I see him on TV. That terrible meeting in the UN building in September, I have nightmares. I saw him in the corridor and shouted to him to sign the Paris climate agreement. He came over and he said softly to me “You will never achieve the goal”.’

KAMALA: No, but Greta…

‘GRETA’: …and he continued, he continued, he continued…

KAMALA: …do not be discouraged, you have the ability to see what is possible in a way that many do not and there will be people who are going to work against progress. That is always the case, always in history there have been people who work against progress. Listen, nothing that has been achieved in this world that has been about progress came without a fight. This is the nature of it.

‘GRETA’: But it is very sick to behave like that – I mean President Trump

KAMALA: Yes, it is similar to previous times in history when some people could not imagine how things can be different and then leaders did imagine and could see and lead. You have been a great leader, do not be deterred.

‘SVANTE’: Greta has a recorder always with her, and when it happened…

GRETA: In my pocket, yes.

‘SVANTE’: …it was on Greta’s recorder. If you would like to get it, we can provide it.

‘GRETA’: Maybe this recording can help you.

KAMALA: Thank you, that would be wonderful.

‘GRETA’: In my side, I can testify against this terrible man.

KAMALA: Yes definitely, thank you so much.

‘SVANTE’: Thank you so much.

KAMALA: I am sorry I have to hang up now, but Josh will follow up with you and we will stay in touch and work together. I look forward to working with you.

‘SVANTE’: We are in Canada now, but we will be in the US soon.

KAMALA: Oh good, we should make a plan then. I would like that.

‘SVANTE’: I hope that you will not arrest us…

KAMALA: …no, no, no…

‘GRETA’: …I don’t want to go to jail…

‘SVANTE’: ….like some people do.

KAMALA: I look forward to seeing you, be well, and I’ll talk to you soon. Bye, bye.