BREAKING: Kanye West Absolutely Destroys The leftwing Meida On Abortion

(breitbart) – Rap icon and billionaire fashion mogul Kanye West restated his well-known pro-life stance during his explosive interview with Tucker Carlson on Thursday, citing the abundance of black babies being aborted in New York City.

Wearing the photograph of a baby’s ultrasound, Kanye expressed his support for the pro-life cause while highlighting the overwhelming number of black babies aborted in the United States.

“I’m pro-life,” he said.

“What kind of response do you get?” Carlson asked in reference to the badge.

“I don’t care about people’s responses, I care about the fact that there’s more black babies being aborted than born in New York City at this point. That 50 percent of black death in America is abortion. So I really don’t care about people’s responses, I perform for an audience of one, and that’s God.”

Watch below:

Indeed, Breitbart entertainment editor Jerome Hudson noted in his first book, 50 Things They Don’t Want You to Know, that, according to a New York City Department of Health and Mental Hydiene study, from 2012 to 2016 more black pregnancies ended in abortion than live birth.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) noted in 2014 that 78 percent of babies aborted in New York City in 2011 were either black or Hispanic. As Breitbart News reported at the time:

The latest abortion surveillance data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that, in New York City in 2011, 77.56 percent of the abortions performed were black and Hispanic babies.

The results of the CDC data find a total of 76,251 abortions were reported in New York City in 2011, which represents a rate of 42.2 percent. Of the babies aborted, 35,188, or 46.1 percent of the total number, were black, and 23,959, or 31.4 percent, were Hispanic. White babies aborted totaled 9.550, or 12.5 percent.

Breitbart News reported in February that a New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene report found more black babies were killed by abortion in the city than were actually born there in 2012.

Kanye West’s pro-life stance has been known and public for years. In 2020, for instance, he told podcaster Joe Rogan that abortion has been used as a means to “kill the black race” and for population control.

“Let me talk about Planned Parenthood. There’s the last figure I saw is there were 210,000 deaths that’s due to COVID in America. And everywhere you go, you see someone with a mask on … With abortion culture, there are 1,000 black children aborted a day,” he said.

“We are in genocide. So, more black children have died in the past, since February, than people have died of COVID, and everyone wears a mask,” he continued. “So, it’s a matter of where are we turning a blind eye to? The media can control, a lot of times it has control what we care about.”

In September of that year, Kanye West also told Nick Cannon on his show “Cannon’s Class” that abortion conglomerate Planned Parenthood kills black people “strategically and on purpose.”

“In 50 years, there’s been 22 million — over 22,500,000 — black people aborted strategically and on purpose. Planned Parenthood was set up and placed in minority communities to kill black people,” he said.