Breaking: Liberals Go to Horrifying New Extreme To Fight Gun Owners

In June 2020, the FBI did 7.8 million background checks for firearms purchases – a 136% increase over June 2019.

If you recently improved your ability for self-defense, have you thought about what happen after you protect yourself?

Have you thought about who would defend you if the police get it wrong and throw you in jail?

Watch this video about Kerri Anne McGrath, a woman who did everything right defending herself and still got arrested.

She says, “It threw me back how quickly I turned from victim to bad guy because all I was trying to do was defend myself.”

Fortunately, Kerri Anne had a membership with the US Concealed Carry Association.
Her USCCA membership:

– Gave her access to a crisis response team
– Got her a pro-Second Amendment lawyer
– Paid for her lawyer fees

Her membership with the USCCA also would have paid for her bail bond and any defense expenses if she were formally charged.
You can tell in the video how grateful she was: “If it wasn’t for the USCCA, I probably would have been in prison.”

Here’s a lawyer talking about why he works with USCAA and why it’s important to have a lawyer ready:

He notes:
– Self-defense incidents don’t always happen during business hours. If one happens at night, you don’t want to wait until the lawyer’s office opens the next day.
– Most lawyers won’t defend a capital case without an initial deposit of $50,000.
– To defend a capital case in court will usually cost over $100,000.
Watch the video here:

To get peace of mind, USCCA memberships start at just $22 per month.
With your membership, you get:

– 24/7/365 Critical Response Team On Call
– Your Choice of Criminal Defense Attorney
– Up-Front Funding for Criminal Defense & Bail Bonds
– Protection for Use of All Legal Weapons

In addition to legal protection, joining the USCCA provides you:
– A subscription to Concealed Carry Magazine
– CCW Reciprocity Map With Permit Expiration Reminders
– Member-Only USCCA App Features
– Weekly updates on news, changing laws and gear reviews
– 10 Lifesaving Checklists
– And much more…

The USCCA provides three tiers of membership for every comfort level and budget:
– Gold Membership $22/mo
– Platinum Membership $30/mo
– Elite Membership $47/mo
If you’re ready to join a community of pro-2A responsibly-armed Americans, click here.