BREAKING: Mainstream Media Is HIDING These Facts – Transgender Swimmer Sex Scandal

(breitbart) – The nation’s three leading newspapers are ignoring the Ivy League swimming scandal as university administrators allow a male swimmer to grab womens’ status and records because the administrators accept his claim that he is a “transgender” woman.

The New York Times site has not published any article on the Lia Thomas sex scandal, despite posting at least 16 articles about Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s “#MeToo” sexual-exploitation scandal in 2020:

No Results Found for “Lia Thomas” New York Times

The Washington Post has not mentioned the man or his record-stealing streak in the Ivy League’s female swim meets, even though it extensively covered the “Varsity Blues” college-bribery scandal in 2019:

No Results for “Lia Thomas” Washington Post

The Los Angeles Times is also ignoring the sex scandal months after it rushed to the defense of a man who declared he was transgender while displaying his nakedness in a womens’ spa:

No Results Found for “Lia Thomas” Los Angeles Times

The Ivy league transgender scandal is being covered up by elite media, just as small-town scandals get covered up by local media, said Beth Stelzer, an amateur powerlifter in Minnesota who founded Save Women’s Sports. “It happens more than you think,” she laughed, after noting that the New York Times, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times still have not called her for a comment about the scandal.

“With a [scandal] story like this, they’re getting a lot of pressure from [gender] activists not to talk about it at all because it’s so obvious [that] … in other circumstances, this would be seen as cheating,” added Natasha Chart, an activist and critic of the gender ideology.

“It is just something you almost can’t talk about without making the truth obvious that they put a man in a women’s competition,” she said.

The pro-gender activists can pressure the journalists by mobbing their articles and mobbing their colleagues, she said:

The journalism profession is highly dependent on social media for reach, for engagement, and it has become highly vulnerable to Twitter mobs … [and the journalists’]  professional networks are very susceptible to these [social media] pressures.

But the media’s failure should be blamed on editors and publishers, not reporters, she said:

All throughout this issue is an abdication of responsibility by [journalism] authorities. Why should 10 [gender activists] complain on Twitter and be able to get someone fired from a reporting job? Why are the editors and owners of these newspapers so irresponsible as to say “Oh, well they reported on this true story, it was unpopular … so you’re fired.” Where are their backbones?

In 2020, a journalist group allied with a transgender advocacy group to demand other journalists include novel pro-transgender language in news articles.

But journalists can cover the story without too much risk, Chart said:

A reporter certainly could write about this exactly like the activists want them to, and use [cross-sex] pronouns all through, and then mention at the end that Lia Thomas competed as a man for some years and [also ] report they [Thomas] weren’t a very distinguished competitor in the men’s races.

The elite media is trying to ignore the issue, but mainstream media sites — including Breitbart News — are covering the issue, much to the interest of their readers.

This mainstream coverage of the debate is boosting mainstream opposition to the transgender demand that each person’s unprovable sense of “gender identity” be treated as more important than their male-or-female body in law, culture, and sports. For example, a December 21-22 poll of 1,000 adults by Rasmussen Reports showed that only nine percent of Americans strongly agree that “There are two genders, male and female.”