BREAKING: MSNBC Busted By Humiliating Video – No Excuse…

(breitbart) – MSNBC said it mistakenly aired video of the wrong black congressman during a recent report on the death of Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-FL).

“Earlier when reporting on the death of Rep. Alcee Hastings, we showed video of Rep. Bennie Thompson,” the outlet’s Hallie Jackson said in a tweet Tuesday of the mistake that reportedly occurred on her show Hallie Jackson Reports.

“We deeply regret the error,” she added:

According to the New York Post, Jackson apologized a second time for the blunder on Wednesday, saying it “should never have happened.”

“We are sorry it did. Congressman Hastings served the state of Florida for nearly three decades and the House and deserves a tribute worthy of that service,” she commented.

The congressman, who was “dogged throughout his tenure by an impeachment that ended his fast-rising judicial career,” passed away Tuesday at age 84, the Associated Press (AP) reported.

Hastings announced two years ago he was suffering from pancreatic cancer, the article continued:

Under Florida law, Gov. Ron DeSantis will call a special election in the coming months to fill the vacancy. Hastings’ district is overwhelmingly Democratic — he received 80% of the vote in November.

Hastings’ death, meanwhile, lowers the Democrats’ majority to a scant 218-211 in the House. Their narrow margin is forcing the party to muster nearly unanimous votes to push legislation through the chamber, and is bolstering Republican hopes for capturing House control in the 2022 elections. There are six vacancies – four from seats that were held by Democrats, two by Republicans.

Following the apology, Twitter users expressed their disappointment with MSNBC.

“A news or a reporter that is so lazy they don’t validate. We all look alike/not. Stop acting woke and hire diverse people so this stops,” one user replied to Jackson.

“Proof positive you do NOT have enough POC’s in the right places. Do better!” another person wrote.