BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Finally OUT – GOP Makes Stunning Move…

(breitbart) – Republican candidates are gaining momentum with registered voters as the most recent Quinnipiac poll showed that respondents favoring Republicans controlling the House and Senate went up since last month.

When the respondents were asked who they would want to control the House “if the election were held today,” the Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday revealed that 47 percent of registered voters want to see the Republican party in control.

Only 43 percent said that they would want the Democrat party in control, and nine percent did not give an opinion on the question.

When the respondents were asked the same question about the Senate, 48 percent of registered voters said they want to see the Republican party in control after the election.

Only 44 percent said they would want the Democrat party in control, and eight percent did not give an opinion.


However, compared to the Quinnipiac poll released on April 27, the percentage of registered voters that favor Republicans had gone up.

The previous poll found that 45 percent of registered voters favored the Republican party having control of the House, while 42 percent said the Democrat party at the time.

The same April 27 poll found that registered voters were split between the parties for the Senate. Forty-four percent said the Republicans, meaning four percent more would prefer the GOP in charge of the upper chamber, and 44 percent said the Democrats, meaning their percentage stayed the same.

Quinnipiac pointed out that 47 percent of the registered voters said they were more motivated to vote than in the previous midterm election. In comparison, 43 percent said they are just as motivated — meaning nothing changed for this group — and ten percent said they were less motivated.

The Quinnipiac University poll was conducted from May 12-16 and asked 1,421 registered voters with a margin of error of +/- 2.6 percentage points.