BREAKING: Obama Planning Luxurious Martha’s Vineyard Birthday Party as Everyday Americans Are Locked Down

(bigleaguepolitics) – Former President Barack Obama is plotting a swanky birthday celebration at his Martha’s Vineyard palace in Massachusetts this week, according to sources familiar with the Democrat elite.

It’s expected that the 60th birthday bash will be attended by prominent Hollywood media and political elites, with celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and George Clooney receiving invitations. Close Jeffrey Epstein confidant Bill Clinton is expected, as well.

The house party comes as hundreds of millions of Americans are subjected to new rounds of lockdown measures, with Democrat policy makers pointing to the delta variant of the coronavirus as justification for repeating nauseating and counterproductive draconian policies. The birthday party will reportedly require a coronavirus test, although it’s unclear to what degree the medical test will be required from Obama’s politically connected friends, as opposed to the use of a de facto ‘honor system.’

Obama himself encouraged Americans to continue to socially distance as recently as the end of last year, shortly before President Trump’s administration secured the mass distribution of coronavirus vaccines. President Biden has since bungled his predecessor’s progress in mitigating the coronavirus pandemic, with the virus spreading more than ever and the administration proving unable to convince large swathes of the country to take the vaccines.

Obama established residency in the ultra-affluent Massachusetts shortly after departing the US presidential palace in Washington, eschewing full-time residency in a troubled Democrat community such as Chicago in favor of the hotspot for the globalist elite.

The party occurs as Democrat states and cities such as Los Angeles reimplement unscientific and stubborn mask mandates. It’s unclear if the president and his guests will don the face diapers during his birthday party, or if the tedious practice will be excused inside the presidential mansion.

The Obamas closed on their Martha’s Vineyard mansion in 2019 for a hefty $11.75 million.