BREAKING: Portland Pulls The Plug – They Kicked Him Out(VIDEO)

(breitbart) – A Portland-area school board that recently banned teachers from displaying pride flags and Black Lives Matter symbols along with other “controversial” symbols in schools abruptly fired its superintendent over a Zoom meeting.

Newberg Oregon School District fired its superintendent, Dr. Joe Morelock, in a 4-3 vote last week, apparently for failing to enforce the new policy quickly, according to a report by Daily Mail.

“Dr. Morelock, we know you, and we trust you, and this pains us terribly,” said board member Rebecca Piros on the Zoom call. “And know that your integrity has spurred us to be faithful servers to our children, and we wish you well.”

“We’re so sorry. And we just — I am very disappointed in this decision,” Piros added.

Morelock responded by stating, “Thanks, Rebecca. Just remember that from the darkest dark comes the brightest light. So, everything will work out eventually.”

Watch Below:

While the board members did not explain their vote during the public Zoom meeting, the board had recently banned controversial political symbols from schools, notes Daily Mail.

The district’s superintendent cabinet issued a response in reaction to the firing, saying they were “shocked and dismayed” at the decision, according to a report by KOIN 6.

“The Superintendent Cabinet of district administrators is shocked and dismayed that the Board would take this disruptive action in the middle of the school year,” the statement read.

“The goal of public education is to meet every student where they are, and to create learning environments that can open doors and opportunities for our students to make vital contributions to our community,” the statement added. “We will continue supporting our staff in that mission day in and day out, as we wait to see what the Board’s plan for leadership of the district will be.”

Morelock’s firing is the latest in a series of high-profile and allegedly controversial actions the school board has taken in recent months, the report adds.

The Newberg Education Association is now reportedly suing the Newberg School District after it banned all political signage, including Black Lives Matter signs and Pride flags.