BREAKING: President Biden Makes WILD Claim About Foreign Past – Actually Raised In…

President Joe Biden claimed he was “raised in the Puerto Rican community” during his visit to Puerto Rico on Monday.

“I was sort of raised in the Puerto Rican community at home politically,” Biden said.

The president commented about his experience with the Puerto Rican community during his visit to the island to tour the devastation from Hurricane Fiona.

He informed the audience that in “relative terms” there was a large Puerto Rican population in his home state of Delaware.

He also revisited his confusing claim that Delaware has the eighth largest black population in the United States. (It’s actually 32nd.)

“We have the eighth largest black population in the country and between all minorities we have twenty percent of our state is minority,” Biden said.

He recalled several trips to Puerto Rico over the years, noting he visited the island for both “business and pleasure.”

The president vowed the federal government would continue helping the island until it was fully recovered.

“I’m confident we’re going to do everything you want, Governor, and I’m committed to this island,” he said.

The president spoke quickly, noting a storm was on the way.

“My name’s Joe Biden and I don’t want the headline to read, ‘Biden Brings Storm to Puerto Rico,’” he said, turning and looking at the storm clouds.

After he finished speaking he apologized for cutting the speech short.

“I usually don’t talk this fast, but it looks like we made it,” he said turning again and looking at the clouds.