BREAKING: President Gets 3-Word Verdict He’s Been Dreading – America Stunned…

(breitbart) – Stickers depicting a smiling President Joe Biden with a pointed finger captioned “I did that!” are popping up at gas pumps throughout the country as record-high gas prices are burning holes through the pockets of working-class Americans.

The decals, which can be purchased in packs of one hundred on Amazon for about eight dollars, began surfacing last year and went viral, the Boston Herald reported in November. About a week before the Herald’s article, the national gas price average was hovering around $3.40, Breitbart News noted at the time.

AAA pinned the national average for a gallon of gas at $4.32 on Sunday, following a week that saw the average break records for five consecutive days, Breitbart News reported. As the Biden White House and mainstream media blame Russia for sky-high prices, Americans are holding the president responsible at the pump.

The New York Post spoke with one motorist at a Shell in Harlem, where three stickers were plastered on a single pump. Vincent Williams, 29, said he could only put $15 in his tank.

“I don’t go for the Democrats. They make it seem like they got the backs of minority people, but in reality, they’re just in it for themselves,” said Williams, a black man. “The rise in gas prices is B.S.”

Another motorist from the Upper West Side named Harold Frost, 29, recently spoke with the outlet about the sky-high prices.

“I just know everything he’s been doing since he took office has been going downhill. Bring Trump back,” Frost told the Post. “My car has been parked the whole week because of this. I took the train, but it’s dangerous now on the train. You gotta be careful.”

One assistant gas station manager in Alabama recently told WAAYTV that he is constantly scraping the stickers off pumps.

“I take off 5 or 6 a day from our different pumps,” said Perry Cagle, who works at an Exxon in Athens. 

He noted that the higher prices climb, the more stickers he sees, according to the outlet. 

“I got one here, it’s the ‘I did that’ and then they put it by the pump and it’s supposed to be that Joe, President Biden, is causing the gas to go up,” he told WAAYTV. 

Javier Estrada Ovalles, who sells his own version of “I did that” stickers on his website, told Slate that an uptick in business has coincided with rising gas prices.

“But in this last month alone, once the prices of the gas really started going up, I started getting bulk sales twice or three times more than it was before,” Ovalles explained, adding that he used to sell 20-30 individual orders daily, but the number has jumped to 80 per day. 

“Me personally, I’m not either left or right or Democrat or Republican, nothing like that. It’s just whatever sells is pretty much what’s gonna go on the shelf,” he told Slate.