BREAKING: Putin-Biden Conspiracy Exposed By GOP Insider [Details Here]

(breitbart) – Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) said at a press conference on Capitol Hill on Tuesday that President Joe Biden should stop begging “other dictators” in Iran and Venezuela for fossil fuels needed in the U.S. and allow domestic oil to flow.

“Stop calling foreign dictators for oil and utilize the great resources of the United States of America to produce low-cost, high-security energy,” said Scalise, who held the presser with chairman of the Republican Study Committee Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) and other members.

Scalise said Biden’s war on domestic oil and gas started on Day One.

“People here in America know that it’s American dollars and European dollars that have been helping finance Putin’s war because Joe Biden turned off the spigots in the United States when he became President,” Scalise said.

And Scalise noted the irony of Biden and Democrats obsession with climate change and fighting it by abandoning fossil fuels while U.S. oil and gas production is the cleanest and safest in the world.

“There is no safer and more environmentally sound way to produce energy than in the United States of America,” Scalise said. “[Biden] likes talking about carbon emissions, but we emit more carbon if you make oil in Russia or Iran or Venezuela versus making it in the United States of America.”

“Why [does] he pick up the phone and call dictators instead of picking up the phone and calling energy companies here in America and [say], ‘Let’s produce our own [energy]. Let’s greenlight pipelines that safely transport oil throughout the United States, that would safely transport Canadian oil into the United States rather than bringing tankers of Russian oil.”

While the war in Ukraine is driving up oil cost and Biden announced on Tuesday that the U.S. will no longer import Russian oil Americans have already been suffering from Biden’s policies at the pump.

“There’s no doubt why Americans today are paying the highest price for a gallon of gasoline in the history of the United States – over $4 [per] gallon – it’s because of Joe Biden’s anti-American [energy] strategy.”