BREAKING: She Says It’s OVER – Trump Is Shocked

(breitbart) – Former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said President Donald Trump was about to be “canceled” by the American voters during Tuesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s pre-presidential debate coverage.

Anchor Rachel Maddow said, “Do you feel like there were sort of Democratic candidate lessons learned from your experience going up against him three years ago? I mean, we’ve been talking about how the one thing that President Trump has proven to be good at is being on TV and debates, to a certain extent, it is going to be something Americans watch on TV as a bit of a political TV show. Gaming him or one gauging him is hard. You know from personal experience that he likes to get personal and petty. Have we developed a sense of best practices for staying within your own ethics and your own approach and also fending some of that off?”

Clinton said, “I think so. Look, I think that his big advantage of having been a so-called reality TV star and then in having been if people’s living rooms on their TV’s for a number of years before he ran has pretty much run its course. I think his series is about to be canceled. It’s just the same story over and over again, lying with impunity, attacking when you have nothing to say, unable to give an answer that is frankly coherent. So I think that Joe knows all that. I know the people who have been working with him and preparing him, they’re well aware of how President Trump behaves on a stage. But I think the American people are also aware of it. And, you know, you can only lie so many times. You can only try to avoid responsibility so many times. When final, people are going to be looking at each other saying we’ve seen this before, and we are not buying it this time.”