BREAKING: She TURNS On Joe Biden – Democrats In Shock

(breitbart) – Meghan McCain told her co-hosts Friday on ABC’s “The View” that President Joe Biden, Dr. Anthony Fauci and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos are being hypocritical on the coronavirus pandemic.

McCain said, “I think the great horror of living in America right now is the absolute and complete and total breakdown of trust in our institutions.”

She continued, “Since everyone has come after the Trump administration, I think it is okay to hold the feet to the fire for Dr. Fauci as well. I remember being told, and I would too like to be treated like an adult, that masks don’t work in New York City. I was pregnant in New York City when the pandemic broke out. I had a bunch of masks, and I ended up giving them away. Just say to me, first responders need them more than the average American. Please donate them for the good of your heart. I would have done the same thing, but I was lied to. We have President Biden yesterday, him and his family, they’re not wearing masks after mandating and requiring people to wear masks on federal property. He and his family were not wearing masks out. So again, I think the rules for thee, but not for me that have been going on for a long time in the Trump administration, and now you’re seeing with President Biden. I was really disappointed he wasn’t wearing a mask.”

She added, “I would also like to say, Amazon, I don’t really understand why you’re now offering the Biden administration help with COVID vaccines after months of complete silence from Trump because that seems political as well. So why does Jeff Bezos all of a sudden want to help with vaccine distribution, but he didn’t during the Trump administration? There is a lot of blame to go around everywhere. Yes, President Trump was integral in spreading false information, but I’m not about to give Dr. Fauci a profile and courage award this morning.”