BREAKING: Supreme Court MURDER Bombshell Stuns Nation [Developing]

(DC) – They’ve said it before and they’ll say it again, regardless of the status of the law:

“Abortion is murder.”

As the Supreme Court appears ready to strike down the legal execution of unborn babies, it’s important to know who is for (and who is against) letting babies live.

Katie Arrington, the Trump-endorsed candidate who is challenging Nancy Mace for a House seat said on May 3 that abortion is “unequivocally murder” and that those are are for it are “complicit in the systematic killing of millions of unborn babies.”

“Abortion is murder. Anyone in favor of exceptions, Nancy Mace included, are complicit in the systematic killing of millions of unborn babies. I am 100% pro-life with no exceptions.”

Arrington also addressed why liberals prematurely leaked the Supreme Court decision:

“I must add that the leaking of this draft is a tactic of the radical left as a means of destroying our institutions to advance their agenda. It is more important than ever that we hold the line and send pro-life conservatives to Washington.”