BREAKING: Ted Cruz Goes On The Attack – Joe Biden Stunned(VIDEO)

(breitbart) – Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) visited Israel with Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-TN) to see the destruction from rocket attacks by Palestinian Hamas terrorists targeting Israeli civilians.

Cruz and Hagerty posted videos on Twitter while viewing some of the sites where rockets hit civilian homes. Viewing a destroyed home in Ashkelon in southern Israel, Cruz said the house belonged to an elderly woman and her caretaker.

Cruz said all of the damage to the elderly woman’s house was from only one rocket that “came through the roof of the house, destroyed the roof of the house.” Cruz then showed more of the home and said, “this was all of the damage that came from one Hamas rocket, one terrorist who murdered a woman here in Ashkelon.”

Cruz had also released a series of pictures where the rocket had hit the home. After a day of viewing the damage in Ashkelon and touring the Iron Dome rocket defense system, Cruz told the Associated Press, “The longer Joe Biden shows weakness to Hamas or Hezbollah or Iran, the more you’re going to see terrorist attacks escalating.”

Hagerty released a similar video saying he was standing in a residential neighborhood in Ashkelon, which he said showed “the epitome of cowardice, underscored by what the terrorists from Hamas have done.”

He continued to say, “They have taken the life of a caretaker, of the elderly lady” who lived in the building. He added that you could see the walker from the woman, and the terrorists destroyed their home by rocket fire:

While in Israel, Cruz and Hagerty met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In a tweet, Netanyahu “thanked the senators for coming to Israel and said that he was always glad to see two of the State of Israel’s best friends.”