BREAKING: Top Democrat Gets NAILED – Attorney General Confirms

(breitbart) – Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody discussed an investigation into former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s $16 million donation to restore voting right for felons.

According to Moody, the legal question that warranted an investigation was whether or not Bloomberg’s contribution was a

“You know, look, we have to have trust in our elections process,” she said. “It’s essential to a strong, stable democracy. And so, when you hear words like targeting certain voters, investing, and adding to a particular column, that doesn’t matter what party it is. That triggers Florida law, which under Florida law, you cannot directly or indirectly give anything of value to persuade or entice a vote.”

“And so, as attorney general — and I believe any official charged with enforcing elections law, we have to be clear about what we’re doing, which is why when I asked for further investigation, I attached all the relevant law — even opinions that describe if you target even particular voters that may be predisposed to vote a particular way, that may be illegal,” Moody continued. “And, you know, Americans can judge for themselves. They need to know that those that are in charge of the elections investigations are on it. I am hopeful that the FBI also takes notice. I directed them also to consider federal law.”

“Americans need to know that no stone will be left unturned, and investigations will proceed so that they can trust in these elections,” she added.