BREAKING: Zelensky Makes The Call – Nato Nations Are Really…

(breitbart) – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Friday on FNC’s “Special Report” that he needed the United States to send more weapons to fight off Russia’s invasion.

Via translator,  Zelensky said, “Powerful weapons are needed. Heavy weapons will give us an opportunity to talk with them at the negotiation table.”

Baier asked, “Do you believe that President Biden wants Ukraine to win, or that Biden and his administration fear Putin’s reaction if Russia loses?”

Zelensky said, “I have faith that President Biden, like any true American citizen, believes and wants the truth to win, and the truth is on the side of Ukraine. I believe that they want the values that make our nations closer to win. That’s freedom. That’s democracy. Freedom of speech. Freedom to choose. Freedom to choose your dignified life, work. Who to live with. Who to love. How many children to have. And I think that those values are close to every human being. We want simple peace for our nation. We don’t want a million of quality bulletproof vests or some special brand helmets. Just give us missiles. Give us airplanes. You cannot give us F-18 or F-19 or whatever you have. Give us the old Soviet planes. That’s all. Give them into my hands. Give me something to defend my country with, my state.”