COVID Tracking Website Narrative Starts To Fall Apart What They Did Next Is Unbelievable!

(Gateway Pundit) – As reported yesterday at The Gateway Pundit.

The government models used to predict the extent of the coronavirus pandemic are off by huge margins in the latest coronavirus tracking numbers.

The government predictions reported by the IHME Covid Tracking ( ) for Apr 5th were as follows:

– All beds needed: 179,267
– ICU beds needed: 33,176
– Invasive ventilators: 26,544

These numbers were posted on their website on Sunday.

Those were the predictions.

The actual numbers as recorded at The Covid Tracking Project:

– Actual hospitalizations: 22,158
– In ICU: 5,207
– On ventilator: 656

The actual numbers show:

Via Dr. Ned Nikolov.

– Overestimation of hospitalizations: 8 times
– Overestimation of of ICU beds needed: 6.4 times
– Overestimation of ventilators needed: 40.5 times

Now this…

After The Gateway Pundit reported on the hugely flawed hospitalization and ICU predictions on Monday the tracking website — “The Covid Tracking Project” — decided to remove ALL of their national hospitalization and ICU numbers.

The COVID Tracking Twitter page announced the changes to their reporting on Monday night.

They are no longer releasing hospitalization numbers — It didn’t fit their narrative.

What frauds!

These people are really something else!