Donald Trump Says He Regrets Not Cracking Down Hard Enough on Black Lives Matter Thugs as President

(bigleaguepolitics) – Former President Donald Trump has recognized that one of the biggest mistakes of his presidency was not cracking down hard enough on Black Lives Matter (BLM) terrorists at war with American values.

Trump sat down for an interview with Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker for their book, I Alone Can Fix It. Trump spoke for hours on a wide variety of topics, and he confirmed that his response against BLM was a massive regret of his presidency.

‘I think if I had it to do again, I would have brought in the military immediately,’ he said.

Unfortunately, Trump listened to liberals in his inner circle, such as his son-in-law Jared Kushner, and went easy on BLM to pander to minority voters. As a result, the terror uprising spread across the country, enabling a civilizational genocide by a low IQ mob that has singlehandedly risen violent crime rates to the highest they have been in decades.

Trump should have taken cues from strong nationalist leaders like Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who has refused to bow to the ignorant refuse of the world, as Big League Politics has reported:

“Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has come out against the cowardly trend of kneeling during national anthems at sporting events to demonstrate their racial subjugation to Black Lives Matter (BLM) terrorists and other racial victim groups.

Orban weighed in on the matter following a soccer controversy in Budapest. Hungarian fans jeered after Irish soccer players got down to their knees in servitude. Ireland coach Stephen Kenny said this reaction was “incomprehensible,” but Orban strongly disagrees.

“If you’re a guest in a country then understand its culture and do not provoke it,” Orban said during a press conference. “Do not provoke the host … We can only see this gesture system from our cultural vantage point as unintelligible, as provocation.”

“The fans reacted the way those who are provoked usually react to provocation. They do not always choose the most elegant form (of reaction) but we have to understand their reasons … I agree with the fans,” he added.

These sort of statements are par for the course for Orban, who runs a proudly “illiberal” administration in Hungary that actually stands to conservative traditional values while successfully repelling leftist subversion.”

When Trump gets back into office in 2024 or sooner, he will need to learn from his mistakes and go doubly hard on this movement of human vermin in order to restore America to its lost glory.