Dr. Fauci’s New Plan Will Bankrupt America If He’s Not Stopped

(Gateway Pundit) – Dr. Anthony Fauci has already destroyed over 30 million US jobs in six weeks!

And he managed to do this with the help of the liberal media by pushing flawed model after flawed model.

Now Fauci is targeting the sports world and the billions of dollars generated by sporting events.

Fauci says letting a sports leagues reopen will probably mean isolating the players in their off time. Fauci added, “I know it’s going to be difficult for them not to be out in society, but that may be the price you pay if you want to play ball.”

Even Europe is talking about restarting their premier soccer league in June.

This maniac must be stopped before he completely destroys this country based on his flawed models and garbage predictions.

We stand with Tom Fitton.

Via Varney and Co.