Obama Is Sweating Bullets AG Bill Barr Is Closing In!(Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – Democrats are very upset that Attorney General Bill Barr and US Attorney John Durham are closing in on the extent of the historic corruption of the Obama regime.

Last week the Attorney General Bill Barr, at the request of US Attorney Jeff Jensen, dropped the criminal charges against General Michael Flynn. US Attorney Jensen found that Brady material was kept from Flynn’s defense team that exonerated the Trump-supporting General before he was set up by fired FBI Director James Comey and the Obama DOJ.

Obama and Democrats are panicked!

Former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder told MSNBC this week that President Trump is determined to delegitimize parts of government that he thinks pose the greatest threat to it.

Eric Holder: It’s all part of a plan to somehow make those institutions weaker so that he can do the kind of, illicit things that he has been doing and he is facilitating by this Attorney General. This Attorney General is actually complicit in weakening these institutions… He is doing all he can to weaken the very institutions that he leads.

Rep. Jim Jordan weighed in on Obama’s wingman, the corrupt Eric Holder.

Of course, it was Eric Holder’s law firm Covington that withheld 6,800 documents from General Flynn during his trial!