SICKENING: School Warns Pictures of ‘Transgender’ Teacher with Size Z Prosthetic Breasts Will Lead to Suspension

(breitbart) – An Ontario school is threatening students with suspension for taking pictures of a “transgender” shop teacher who wears gigantic prosthetic breasts to class.

Kayla Lemieux, the male teacher whose size Z fake breasts also feature prominently protruding nipples, also wears a blonde wig and made headlines when pictures circulated of him skydiving with a male pornography actor.

The Oakville Trafalgar High School teacher has been making rounds to other local schools by substitute teaching, according to the Toronto Sun.

Parents told the Sun that every school the transgender-identifying male teacher goes to, there is a police escort.

“Lemieux gets a personal escort (and) protection everywhere he goes,” a parent said.

The school board has chosen to accommodate the teacher’s costume and identification as a woman. School board spokeswoman Heather Francey told the Sun they “can’t comment on HR matters,” but iterated the district’s “Responsible Use Procedures for Information and Communications Technology” barring students from taking pictures.

“I can tell you that the HDSB does have a ‘Responsible Use Procedures for Information and Communications Technology’ policy,” Francey said. “It is routine practice for students to obtain permission of any subject at any time (including other students, staff or any person) before capturing, using and transmitting images or video. This policy helps guide that standard courtesy across our board.”

As Breitbart News reported, many see Lemieux’s actions and the school board’s defense as caricaturing women and fulfilling a sexual fetish in front of minors.