Six-Time Previously Deported Illegal Alien Kills Mother Of Six In Denver – Then does this…

(Gateway Pundit) – Illegal alien Juan Sanchez, who was deported six times, was arrested after killing a mother-of-six in Denver, Colorado. Sanchez then fled the scene.

The Daily Mail reported:

An undocumented immigrant was arrested on Saturday for the alleged fatal hit-and-run of a grandmother in Denver. Annette Conquering Bear, a mother-of-six who was due to celebrate her 52nd birthday December 19, was walking home from the supermarket with her husband when Mexican national Juan Sánchez struck her with a SUV he had borrowed the afternoon of December 17.

Above: Annette Conquering Bear; image credit: Conquering Bear family The 2007 GMC Sierra was abandoned by Sánchez down the road and traced to a friend, who identified him to police investigators. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ICE] confirmed to that Sánchez was deported six times during the last two decades. His first two deportations took place in 2002. ICE also deported him three times in 2008 and once again in 2012. The 42-year-old suspect was also arrested three times for driving under the influence of alcohol in Adams County, Colorado [2000]; Denver [2001]; and Seattle, Washington [2002)].

Video: Annette Conquering Bear Remembered As Suspect Arrested

Featured image credit: Denver District Attorney, Conquering Bear family