WATCH: Caravan Migrants Beat Cop Unconscious, Rob Him

(breitbart) – Members of a migrant caravan violently assaulted a Mexican federal police officer, beating him as he lay unconscious and then stripped him of his gear. The brutal incident happened as federal forces tried to stop the caravan from leaving Chiapas and moving north.

The clash took place this week along a highway in the southern part of Chiapas where hundreds of Central American migrants were trying to walk north. Mexico’s National Guard used riot gear as they tried to stop the caravan.

In a video, migrants can be seen beating and kicking a lone member of Mexico’s National Guard. The guardsman appears to be unconscious during the assault.

In a second video, the migrants can be seen stripping the guardsman off his uniform and robbing him of his belongings.

Videos shared on social media show the moment when authorities clashed with the migrants in a fierce melee. The migrants can be seen charging at the troops and ultimately forcing them back.

Another video captured the moment when authorities were forced to flee the scene as migrants chase them on foot.

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