WATCH: Leading MAGA Conservative REBUTS Biden’s Declaration of War On Americans

(BLP) – A top America First political consultant dropped the gauntlet in response to President-imposed Joe Biden’s demonic address earlier this week declaring war on American citizens.

“Joe Biden is right: We are in a battle for the soul of our nation. The White House, Joe Biden and this regime have leveled the entire weight of the government against MAGA Republicans,” said Alex Bruesewitz of X Strategies LLC in a video address on social media.

“They have called us domestic terrorists, racists, bigots, and every single name under the sun that they can possibly think of, but for what? For attending school board meetings, for demanding safe cities and schools, for wanting energy independence so we can have cheap gas so parents can afford to take their kids to school, for wishing for a protected border, for churches, for our businesses, for freedom of speech,” he added.

Bruesewitz accused the Biden regime of carrying out “terror, economic insecurity, disunity and illegality.”

“But Biden’s right: This is beyond politics. This is a fight for the heart and soul of this nation. It is a fight that MAGA Republicans must win or we will no longer have a country. Conservatives, especially MAGA Republicans, are the last line of defense to preserve the America that we know and love,” he said.

Bruesewitz stated that “MAGA Republicans are the reasonable, rational and patriotic Americans who are sick of our country devolving into the third-world.”

“Democrats only hope to win in the midterms is to divide and conquer, but we cannot and will not let them. We are going to unify and thrive. Joe Biden is just a temporary occupant of the oval office. The damage that he is doing to our country cannot and will not continue,” he said.

“The Constitution, in particular the Bill of Rights, was written during times like these for times like these by men who profoundly understood the need to defend liberty versus tyranny at any cost. If it’s a battle for the soul of the country they are after, we MAGA Republicans are ready to win the hearts and minds,” Bruesewitz added.

Bruesewitz ended his video address with a message of hope for Republicans that better times are ahead if they get involved and push for victory in this year’s midterm elections.

“In November, MAGA Republicans will rise up and lead the biggest red wave in history and wipe out the Democrats control over Congress, and then MAGA forces will impeach Joe Biden and undo the hostile actions carried out by his regime against the average Americans, and then in 2024, we will take back our glorious White House,” he concluded.

The entire speech can be seen here: