WOW: SD Gov. Kristi Noem Says Conservatives Mustn’t Use ‘Govt Mandates of Any Kind’ to ‘Force Behavior’

(IL) – South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, who last year signed a blatantly unconstitutional executive order banning Americans from boycotting the foreign state of Israel, wants GOP voters to know her party will not lift a finger to advance their interests because of “conservative” values.

“As conservatives we are called to limit the power & size of government,” Noem said on Twitter. “Govt mandates of any kind are not a tool that any America First Conservative would or should consider. We should not be in the business of forcing behavior of any kind on to the people.”

From Jan 2020, Middle East Monitor, “South Dakota governor signs anti-BDS executive order”:

The Republican governor of South Dakota signed an executive order on Tuesday prohibiting state offices from conducting business with companies boycotting Israel.

The recent move made by Republican, Kristi Noem, has made South Dakota the 28th state to have adopted the anti-BDS law.

“Israel is one of our nation’s closest allies, and their success is critical to American national security,” Noem announced in a statement. “Today, we reaffirm that South Dakota stands with Israel and will only contract with businesses who agree to fairly compete. Our state will not stand for any discrimination based on race or religion.”

The executive order requires vendors seeking contracts with state agencies, authorities, commissions, departments or institutions of the State of South Dakota not to engage with companies that participate in boycotts of Israel.

How does banning Americans from boycotting Israel fit in with those “limited government” values?

Has she or any other TruCon ever signed a law banning Americans from boycotting her own state of South Dakota or other American states that have been targeted by leftists like Georgia and North Carolina?

Of course not. “Conservative values” prevent them from ever considering such laws (not to mention the First Amendment).

Nonetheless, those “conservative values” don’t apply at all when it comes to banning Americans from boycotting Israel. Their “fiscal conservatism” doesn’t apply when it comes to giving billions of taxpayer dollars to Israel every year, either.

“Conservatism” is a fake ideology created just to excuse the GOP from doing anything to help their constituents.

If you’re not willing to act to serve the interests of your voters then get the hell out of office!

[Header image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr]

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